Freedom = Money + Time + Impact

Join a group of contractors who make it a habit to
BUILD FREEDOM in their business and personal lives.

Freedom = Money + Time + Impact

Building freedom in your business and personal life.

Freedom Builders are a group of like minded people that focus on achieving their ultimate legacy.



Freedom Builders is a group of like minded people that focus on achieving their ultimate legacy. 



Generating revenue is not enough by itself for building a business. It also takes “grabbing” your Profit, containing your OPEX, maximizing your Average Ticket, and much more. FBU works to ensure your business optimizes its Money Metrics. 


Time is perhaps the most sought-after commodity and investing it (wisely) is as important as investing your money. FBU’s task metrics keep time management in mind so that productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness are incorporated into your business. 


When combined with Money and Time, your Impact is what makes your life worth living. See FBU as your trusted advisor, ensuring that in the end, you achieve your highest impact and influence within your family, your community, and your world. 

Do you want a business that runs effortlessly?

 Would you like the freedom to run your business from anywhere without the stress of phone calls, employee problems, or even lack of money?

In FBU, we bring high-level training and consulting that provides you with the road map needed to create freedom in your business.


Freedom Builders is more than just one one one mentoring. It’s also a group of mentees helping each other succeed in business.

Are you ready for more FREEDOM in your business?

What type of leader are you?

Are you a “Rollercoaster Rob”, “Wishful Wanda?”, or even another? Join the journey that helps you become the “Freedom Fred” for your business and personal life! Look at the graphic and begin rating yourself on each factor. 

Which Business Personality Type Are You

How can Freedom Builders help me?

We have found walking contractors through this strategic process delivers the freedom you’re looking for. With your 12 month commitment your first year would include the following:

The Assessment

FBU will help you navigate through a 30 metric business analysis we call the assessment. Designed to help shed the light on the areas that need your attention first, but also to help develop a customized road map for you as well as your company. 

The Road Map

Knowing where you are going is step 1, but we have found that the journey to get there depends on where you are now, and lets face it; not everyone is at the same starting point. 

This is why the roadmap is such an important piece of FBU, it allows us to adjust and build the path that you need now, instead of always saying “when we get there”.

1 on 1 Coaching

Personal and business development, many times relies on having the proper mentors providing valuable and relevant input on a steady basis. 

 This is why FBU memberships include a 1 on 1 video conference meeting every month to ensure you get on the right path. 

Group Coaching and Sharing

Just as important as the 1 on 1 time you get, building relationships with others in your same boat is a key to team growth and success 

Therefore, FBU includes a monthly group video call in which the members share what they are working on along with successes and failures to help each other out, and as an added bonus each month includes growth training discussions based on where you’re all climbing! 

Quarterly Process workshops

“People don’t run companies, process does. People run process” – Marcus Lemonis
Documenting your company in simple to follow written processes, allows you to grow and scale without so much stress, and without wasting time. This is why FBU includes coming together in a 1.5 day workshop every quarter to work on process development and implementation. Not only do these include the instructions needed to build your own processes; there will be individual workshop time where you will be able to leave with completed processes ready to implement at home.

Annual MasterMind

Do you ever feel like you’re getting stuck in life or business? The annual FBU Mastermind is a stress relieving event where over 4 days we come together at a retreat location and work hand in hand with specialists in business and personal development to unlock the next steps in life and business. Life can be exhausting, don’t miss the annual MasterMind so that you can recharge and refresh mentally and physically for the next stages of success!

Would you like to “test” out Freedom Builders by attending a MasterMind?

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Is Freedom Builders University a big commitment?

No doubt, everything up to this point sounds great, and its easy to say Where do I sign?But here at FBU we strive for the highest level of success, and that comes with commitment to change and growth. 

Therefore, the biggest commitment youll make in joining FBU is not the money, its the time. 

The Commitment of TIME

Were going to help in your quest in maximizing your time by working on your goals and schedule on a regular basis.

Once a Month 1 on 1 

1 hour video call with your FBU coach. For accountability , next level thinking and strategy.

Once a Month Group Calls

1-2 hr video call with all fbu members- discuss and share new processes hear about best practices. 

Quarterly Process Workshops

Join live in Dalton, GA or virtually online. These 1.5 day workshops include Process writing, implementation, goal setting and strategy.

Once a Year 4 Day Mastermind

Imagine being in a luxury cabin in the mountains with 10 other contractors, multiple consultants and coaches, where you’ve carved out time to work on your business away from the hustle and bustle of your day to day.


Weekly Home Work Time

Our 12 month curriculum includes: a monthly packet of homework to help your process development and keep you focused on your most important goals. Plan to spend at least 1 hour a week on this curriculum.

30 Metrics

With these targeted metrics, we help identify the area’s most in need of improvement so we can continue to maximize your company’s valuation, delivering the freedom you are looking for. 


Money + Time + Impact
Money Metrics
Time Metrics
Impact Metrics



Freedom Builders University™ has one foundational mission – and that is to end the “life for a living exchange” and replace it with a “life worth living exchange”– in other words, a life of freedom. 


I started Freedom Builders University out of a deep desire to provide clarity and develop leadership skills within Entrepreneurs. It’s what I believe my calling in life is, and when Business Owners begin to experience that freedom in their business and personal life, it makes it all worth it.


I specialize in helping Business Owners stop spinning their wheels and pinpoint their daily priorities.


I co-own a contracting company. I started implementing Matt’s advice and saw tremendous success. So, they hired me to help others do the same.


Having been a consultant for years, I bring experience and a whole lot of personality to the team.

I’m ready to experience Freedom Builders University

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