A commitment to your future...

Do you need help getting from where you are to where you want to be? Would having your own personal coach and other business owner mentees around you help? If you are interested in joining this program, there are two different ways you can see if it’s a right fit. One: Attend a Live Group Coaching Call. Email fbu@menupricing.com if you’d like to join a coaching call. Two: Attend a Freedom Builders Master Mind

Mentorship + Business Development

When you sign up for FBU, you sign up for mentorship and business development. What you’ll get is that plus so much more-business camaraderie, new ideas, new growth, new success, and a clear pathway to freedom.Together, we are going to dive deep into your business where you need it the most. We go through 12 months of a step by step course that’s created to focus on crucial aspects of your business. We get raw and vulnerable, but it’s worth it to see the Freedom you can build.